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12166E-tender for procurement of FTTH Allied material1. M/s Veekay Connectors Pvt. Ltd. for PKG-A 2. M/s Micro Engineers for Pkg-B and C.1540636905/11/2018MTNL DELHIDetail
12089E-Tender for Appointment of Contractors for Laying of Overhead O.F. Cable SITC and Mtce for 5 yearsThe Tender has been cancelled due to Single bidder participation and quoting the higher AMC rates only for one GM area i.e. GM (East) area.002/07/2018MTNL DELHIDetail
12062E-Tender for Procurement of Thermoplastic Tuflex PipeM/s S. Kumar & Company321115817/04/2018MTNL DELHIDetail
12056E-Tender for Procurement of 6F and 12 F Metal Free O.F. Cables with Double HDPE Sheath1. M/s West Coast Optilinks 2. M/s OM Optel Industries Pvt. Ltd.628882226/05/2018MTNL DELHIDetail
12055E-Tender for Procurement of Managed LAN SwitchesM/s Precision Electronics Limited.567426609/05/2018MTNL DELHIDetail
12035E-Tender for Procurement of Optical Fiber Splice Closures1. M/s Ampson Engineering Pvt. Ltd.204224316/04/2018MTNL DELHIDetail
12034E-Tender for Procurement of PLB HDPE Pipe- 40/33 mm1. M/s Tijaria Polypipes Limited. 2. M/s Valens Technologies Pvt. Limited3506079705/05/2018MTNL DELHIDetail
11886Sr. Manager(TX-MM)/Single Mode Dual Fibre SFPs(1310 nm)/2016-17/17M/s GO IP Global Services Pvt. Limited20089514/11/2017MTNL DELHIDetail
11859E-tender for O.F. Cable Laying and Maintenance work1. M/s Gorki Contractors & Engineers Rs 79255489.20 2. M/s KGR Telecoms Private Limited Rs. 42309914.88 3. M/s Carrycon India Limited Rs. 39074450.80 4. M/s Shiv Shakti construction Rs. 37498868.1119813872318/12/2017MTNL DELHIDetail
11764E-Tender for House Keeping and Allied Services of Exchanges/ offices under GM(T) areaM/s Raj Kumar Brothers & Co.62308928/04/2017MTNL DELHIDetail
11754E-tender for Procurement of 1 KVA Uninterrupted Power Supply(UPS)Tender Cancelled due to techno-commercial non-compliance of single bidder.025/02/2017MTNL DELHIDetail
11740Sr. Manager (TX-MM)/Optical Adapters and Attenuators/2016-17/21M/s Micro Engineers for supply of Optical Adapters (0 dB)Type-I. M/s S.A. I. International for supply of Optical Fixed Attenuators.33526521/03/2017MTNL DELHIDetail
11678E-tender for Procurement of Optical Fiber Patch Cords and Pig TailsM/s MICRO ENGINEERS56756326/12/2016MTNL DELHIDetail
116686F Metal free Optical Fibre Cable (G. 652D)M/s U M Cables Limited.333024806/12/2016MTNL DELHIDetail
11646EE/C/MTNL/EC/2016-17/Quotation/03nil,work not required, as per direction of EinC005/08/2016MTNL DELHIDetail
11603Purchase of 10 Pair and 20 Pair DP Box (External)M/s Indian Telephone and Electric Co.120615007/12/2016MTNL MumbaiDetail
11590Purchase of Cable Jointing Kits TSF-II to TSF-VM/s Meritronics310363526/09/2016MTNL MumbaiDetail
11586E Tender for Procurement of FTTH Allied Material1. M/s U M Cables Limited for Rs.1198990 vide letter No.95 2. M/s MICRO ENGINEERS for Rs. 1816454 vide letter No.94181645419/10/2016MTNL DELHIDetail
11463E-tender for Procurement of FDMS (INTERNAL)M/s SFO Technologies Pvt. LTD.647802018/07/2016MTNL DELHIDetail
11403E-Tender for Procurement of PLB HDPE Pipes 32/26 mm and 40/33 mmM/s Veekay Plast1527800023/08/2016MTNL DELHIDetail
11368Procurement of OFC Splice Closures1. M/s Manifold e-Connect Limited 2. M/s Micro Engineers305246005/05/2016MTNL DELHIDetail
11367Procurement of Tuflex pipeM/s S. Kumar & Company143292702/05/2016MTNL DELHIDetail
11333Appointment of Contractors for O.F. Cable Laying and Maintenace Works for O.F.Cable in MTNL Delhi1. M/s Gorki Contractors & Engineers for 221.20 kms of Dev. work and Rs. 14658105/- mtce. work vide letter no.91 dated 18-02-2016. 2. M/s KGR Telecoms Pvt. Ltd. for 94.80 Kms of Dev. Work and Rs. 6282045/- mtce. work vide letter no.92 dated 18-02-2016.11875636118/02/2016MTNL DELHIDetail
11316Supply of Customized 12F OFTB (LIU)(1) M/s SFO Technologies Pvt. Lted. (2) M/s Savitri Telecom Services.479196730/01/2016MTNL MumbaiDetail
11275E-TENDER FOR House Keeping and Allied Services of Exchanges/Offices under GM (Transmission) areaM/s Om Prakash Bhulania51878928/11/2015MTNL DELHIDetail
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