About Process


This procedure is intended to web enable the process of giving information of the Tenders instantaneously to the registered Suppliers/Vendors as and when they are posted. The process is not meant for global tenders initially in which case it can be used as a parallel process. To back up for new entrants, a skeleton newspaper advertisement procedure may continue for sometime.

The prospective Suppliers/Vendors will have to register them on the website. For this:

(i)  After going to http://www.nividasewa.com/, they will have to click the link "New Supplier Register Here" to go to registration form.

(ii)  On getting the registration form, they will have to fill up the required information. The information marked with a * is mandatory to be filled up.

(iii) While registering on the website the vendors/suppliers may register themselves in one or more categories simultaneously totally free of cost.

(iv) They will also have to agree with the terms and conditions which are available through a hyper link on the same form.

(v) After submitting the registration form an email will be sent to the user at the email address provided at the time of registration for confirmation. To activate registration the vendor/supplier will have to click on the link provided in the email. Till the time the vendor/supplier doesn’t clicks on the hyper link which is being sent to them thru the email, they will not become the registered member. This is done to ensure that the vendor has registered himself on the site on his own and that no one else has registered him and to ensure that the e-mail address provided by them is correct.

(vi) Once registered, the Supplier/Vendor will be intimated through e-mail about any new tender or modification in the existing tender related to their category of registration.

(vii) The hyper link provided in the e-mail intimating activities in the tender will be used to send related information and modifications if any, provided by the tendering units.

(viii) They can modify/alter their profile or de-register themselves using their user ID and password by clicking on the link "Registered Supplier Change Profile".

This process may develop in future to :

  • Sale of Tender document online.
  • On line submission of pre-qualification details or even the techno-commercial portion of the bid.
  • On line receipt of bids/quotations.
  • Broadcasting information regarding disposals (stores etc.)
  • Self service of bidders (e.g. looking for past statistics etc.)
  • Handling of limited/restricted tendering based on bidder's classification.
  • Migration to e-procurement.